My first & favorite oceanographic tale (pun intended) wasn’t Herman Melville’s great American novel Moby Dick (1851) but another American cultural masterpiece: Walt Disney’s 1940 animated musical Pinocchio.
You know, the one in which Pinocchio’s father (creator) Gepetto is swallowed by Monstro, the terrible & vicious sperm whale, … and when he finds out, Pinocchio jumps into the sea, and is swallowed by Monstro? I loved it when Pinocchio reunites with Geppetto – in the belly of the whale – and cleverly devises a scheme to make Monstro sneeze, giving them a chance to escape… the rest as they say is … “go watch the movie.”
Anyway, I still prefer the Disney masterpiece which, throughout my childhood, I thought was the real, the original Moby Dick. Then, in high school, I was forced to read the book and, … along came Captain Ahab!
The below selection of Homa’s Coastal Paintings have been on exhibit at Nantucket Memorial Airport (Crosswinds Restaurant), July-September 2022.