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Selection of international media coverage of Homa Taj & IMWD:

“亚裔博物馆专家发起“国际博物馆从业人员日” #IMWD2018在社交媒体实现,” Art News, China

“第四届国际博物馆从业人员日 – 2018年6月28日,星期四,” Randian, China

The 4th International Museum Workers Day (English),” Randian, China

“International Museum Workers Day, IMWD, June 28, 2018 #IMWD2018 (2015-2017) Video I,” FR-news, France

“International Museum Workers Day, IMWD, June 28, 2018 #IMWD2018 (2015-2017) Video II,” FR-news, France

“Goya, Velázquez, Vespucci y más tesoros de la ‘Hispanic Society of America’ llegan a Bellas Artes,” Aristegui Noticias, Mexico

“Buona giornata dei professionisti e operatori dei musei! Happy #IMWD2018!” World Magazine, Italy

#IMWD2018: un día sin museos, Mexican Times, Mexico

“Al Bagatti Valsecchi aperitivo e celebrazioni per il Museum Workers day!” Milano Post, Italy

“Int’l Museum Workers Day: Magic and the Magicians,” GiGlee Magazine, India

“Museumsmitarbeiter: Warum wir sie lieben sollten,” Museumswissenschaft, Germany

“Settimana densa al Bagatti Valsecchi!” Italia Art Magazine, Italy

“Doppio aperitivo e celebrazioni per il Museum Workers day!,” Tribunale di Milano, Italy

“Interview with Homa Taj; Artist, Filmmaker, & Founder of MuseumViews & INTL Museum Workers Day” Profiles with Charley Walters, NCTV18, Nantucket, August 2018

Select References in the Media (Also as Homa Nasab)

“Bettina Rheim’s Return to America at Edwynn Houk“, 2010

“What’s going on at Gagosian? (Phaidon),” 2012

Turning Point: an exhibit of 20th Century British Sculpture in Tehran,” Tavoos, 2004

Evolving Images: Jewish Latin American Cinema, edited by Nora Glickman, Ariana Huberman, University of Texas Press, 2018

An Exhibition of Paintings by Rolande Guillosou-Mrazovac (Paperback) by Homa Nasab, 2001

Ibrahim El-Salahi (born 5 September 1930), Wikipedia

Robert Marteau ( à Virollet, dans le Poitou, et mort le 

VIDEO “In occasione del Museum Workers day 2017 alcuni membri dello staff del Museo Bagatti Valsecchi di Milano raccontano perchè piace loro lavorare nella casa museo di via Gesù.” by Museo Bagatti Valsecchi, in Milan, Italy