S T O R Y B O A R D S An Exhibition of Contemporary Art | Nantucket Film & TV Station | August 2018


For three decades, cinema and theater have influenced Homa’s art in various media.

In her conceptual mixed media paintings, Homa uses images from classic American and International movies juxtaposing them with art historical references. The dynamics as well as the tension between the ‘characters’ she ‘casts’ inform the artist’s choices for each composition, from the palette to the brushwork.

“It’s all in the casting.”

Similarly, Homa describes her choice to paint on archival paper – which is later mounted on canvas – as an organic, living force that energizes both the process of art-making as well the final work.

“Paper responds to everything that touches it… It has an elephantile memory.”

The seemingly narrative interactions between the figures in each painting dissolves as the viewer tries to make logical sense of the ‘story’ behind every composition. Hence, the conceptual nature of her art.

“Everything, the subject and the material of my work, is about energy & temprament … and, the physical and conceptual texture of each image that I create.”

All palettes in Homa’s paintings are created using the five primary colors – black, white, red, yellow and blue (with added sheen). Every layer in each work has a singular color configuration which is virtually irreproducable. As with her use of paper (invented in China), Homa’s choice to add a touch of saffron (originally from India) to her palette serve as reminders of her childhood – of being born on, and travelling along, the ancient Silk Road, in Persia (Iran).

“Ultimately, my work is about ‘moving pictures.’ Every composition is like a conceptual mood-board for a scene in a film that is yet to be written.”

Looking ahead, Homa is eager to work with various museums to create site-specific transmedia works based on their collections, including: paintings, video and sculptural installations, film and social-media projects. Merging her many years of experience and research studying museums and their collecting heritage as a museologist, the space of the museum has been “like a second home” to the artist …